The Video Shop Episode 3

March 21, 2017

On this episode, host Paul Williams updates the progress of his latest short film, "The Silver Screen."  Joined by producer Chad Martin, they geek out about Kong: Skull Island.  Paul and JC then enter a deep dive discussion about Jordan Peele's Get Out (spoilers abound!).  After effusively praising Jordan Peele's directorial debut, Paul give his third weekly recommendation, Fred Dekker's cult classic Night of the Creeps (1986).  Paul, Chad and JC conclude the show by imploring aspiring artists  to pursue their dreams.  If you feel inspired to create, whether it be via filmmaking, podcasting, writing or any other creative pursuit, go for it!  Follow The Video Shop on Facebook @thevideoshoppodcast to give your thoughts, recommend films and request movies for Paul to cover on commentary tracks!  Follow Paul on Instagram @gpwills9587, Twitter @gpaulwills, Chad on Twitter @ChadMartin40, Undefined Radio on Facebook/Twitter @UndefinedRadio and JC on Twitter/Instagram @jcmartinBCB.  


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